Read: To Save or To Shred?

To Save or To Shred?

I know we’re in the digital age, but for me, I like that piece of paper in my hand. I know it’s there and that I have it. I can see it, physically hold it and file it away safely in my cabinet. However, the other day, I went to […]

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Read: Famously Bad Estate Planning Awards

Famously Bad Estate Planning Awards

It’s time to roll out the red carpet – today I’m handing out awards to some of the most famous celebrities who at one point, had it all together. Some of them left a lasting impression on history, civil rights, music and the box office but what they all have […]

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Read: Fundamentals of Finance 101

Fundamentals of Finance 101

Don’t worry, this won’t be a long lecture or class session but there are some things that I believe are very important and that everyone should know. So let’s get down to the basics, or the fundamentals of personal finance. With all the information that is floating on the web […]

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Read: Congratulations to the Winners of Our Trick or Treat Trail Raffle!

Congratulations to the Winners of Our Trick or Treat Trail Raffle!

Congratulations to the Winnersof Our Trick or Treat Trail Raffle! GRAND PRIZE!2 – CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS TICKETSTHE LUCKY WINNER: PAUL SMITH Left: COO, Gabriel Lewit  |  Right: Paul Smith PARENTS DINE OUT$100 GIFT CARD TO COOPER’S HAWK WINERY & RESTAURANTSTHE LUCKY WINNER: BRIAN BURKE Left: Brian Burke  |  Right: CEO, Steve Lewit […]

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Read: Should They Pay You?

Should They Pay You?

While some children went back to school or moved across the country, other children are now, more commonly, living at home after graduating college. Compared to 20% of individuals who were living at their parents’ home in 1960, now over 36% of individuals ranging from 18-34 are “nesting” – and […]

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Read: Why You’re in Debt

Why You’re in Debt

Debt is a scary word that no one likes to think or talk about. The reality is, however, that millions of Americans are in debt at varying levels. Even a small amount of debt can cause high levels of stress in our lives. It can seem that at one moment […]

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Read: Back to School!

Back to School!

It’s 6:00 AM and you hear your child’s alarm clock going off. Suddenly it stops, there’s a warm smile that comes across your face thinking about your child is growing up and getting themselves out of bed for their first day of school. You hear the coffee pot’s beep and […]

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Read: Expect Lower Returns for Several Years

Expect Lower Returns for Several Years

The recent market volatility from the Brexit decision by the UK is just the latest event to cause investors to worry about their portfolio’s. And while the markets rebounded fairly quickly the pattern of slight gain, stagnant, slight loss, slight gain, etc. continues. Worries about the economy in China, what […]

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Read: Financial Fitness Tips

Financial Fitness Tips

The word “gym” is a contraction of “gymnasium” derived from the ancient Greek word gymnasion. The ancient Greek gymnasiums were places where athletes trained for public games such as the Olympics. Now I know I just sounded like Gus Portokalos from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, but it’s true! People […]

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Read: The Kid’s Moved – Is It Time to Downsize?

The Kid’s Moved – Is It Time to Downsize?

There comes a time in most family’s lives when the kids are grown and hopefully, by then, the middle-aged “basement dwellers” have moved out. I say that with a smile, and a smile because if you have children, no matter how big of a headache they may have given you […]

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