Our investment portfolios provide you with a disciplined, evidence-based, tax-efficient, quality investment solution. We strictly use low cost, no-load institutional investment vehicles in our portfolios. Global asset allocation and tax-efficiency are at the center of the investment process. Ultimately, we strive to deliver optimally efficient portfolios clearly aligned with your personal goals, needs and vision. They are designed to maximize the amount of return while avoiding unnecessary risks.

We have a wide range of portfolio options available, depending on your goals and needs. All portfolios are designed to maximize return and minimize unnecessary risks.



Conservative Capital Preservation Model

The Conservative Capital Preservation Model can provide increased safety and capital preservation, yet still provide a competitive return on your investment accounts.


Conservative Income Model

The Conservative Income Model is ideal for generating income while still maintaining a conservative approach with growth potential. A conservative balance of risk and return.


Income and Growth Model

The Income and Growth Model provides even more growth potential than our Conservative Income Model and balances higher growth with reduced volatility compared to key benchmarks.


Capital Appreciation Model

The Capital Appreciation Model strives to provide the highest amount of growth potential of all the portfolio models but still follows Savant’s efficient investment style and structure.

An Emphasis on Diversification

Diversification, asset allocation, and a proven philosophy are at the core of a succesful investment strategy. With an investment portfolio by Savant, you have a tremendous amount of diversification and an asset allocation strategy that works. This helps minimize your risks.

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Note: Investment Advisory Services are offered through Wealth Financial Advisory Services, LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser.