Maximizing Return and Minimizing Risk

There is substantial evidence about how difficult it is to pick individual stocks, trade in and out of them, and still fare as well or exceed overall market performance. Likewise, the notion that there is a system by which one can consistently profit by timing the purchase and/or sale of securities has been proven false. Nevertheless, many brokers and investment advisors ignore the evidence.

Evidence Based Investing (EBI) involves the judicious use of current best evidence and applies the available evidence to each investor’s specific needs and challenges to formulate optimal investing solutions. The goal of EBI is to maximize after-tax returns for the individual investor while minimizing risk and protecting portfolios from market downturns.

Our investment management services are designed to engineer broad, globally diversified portfolios that minimize risk and maximize after-tax return. Savant’s proprietary investment process is evidence-based and founded on time-tested principles.

EBI – What DOESN’T Work

  • Market “Timing” to try and beat the odds
  • “Active” security selection
  • High costs associated with the multiple transactions money managers need to execute to “stay ahead”
  • High taxes generated by active money management, further reducing gains
  • Using past performance to pick money managers

EBI – What DOES Work

  • Index-based and passive investing to optimally deliver market returns
  • An effective and defensive bond strategy to reduce risk
  • Short, intermediate, inflation protected, and foreign bonds that protect against most adverse economic scenarios
  • Small stocks that add return and provide diversification
  • Value stocks that offer a return premium globally
  • Investing overseas to enhance diversification and return
  • Alternative investments (REITs and commodities) that protect investors from inflation and challenging stock and bond markets
  • Broad global diversification to increase return and reduce risk

Note: Investment Advisory Services are offered through Wealth Financial Advisory Services, LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser.