See why choosing us is a breath of fresh air:

1. Independence

We’re not publicy owned.We don’t report to shareholders. We’re independently owned so we can do what’s right for you.

2. Transparency

We’ll always explain the pros and cons of everything. We believe in an unbiased, transparent approach so you can make smart decisions.

3. Personal Attention

We focus 100% on your wants and needs. We give you complete attention and treat you like a real human being— with respect!

4. Customized Advice

Our financial professionals work with you on an individual basis. Advice we give is personalized and not cookie-cutter.

5. Extensive Services

We have the ability to provide you with a range of services, reports, plans and illustrations—all custom tailored to fit you personally.

6. A Team Approach

We understand your financial needs often involve important tax or legal discussions, and have CPAs and attorneys available when needed.

7. Education

We believe in client education, and are committed to providing you with frequent educational opportunities, events and communication.

8. Staying in Touch

You’ll never just suddenly stop hearing from us. We take pride in our ongoing communications and in staying in touch with you.

9. Great Service

You need to feel confident that your account requests will be handled effectively. We focus heavily on ensuring top-notch client service.