Your Results - What You'll Receive

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Receive Your Results in Just a Few Days!

Your customized, 18-page  Wealth Index Results - your personalized guide to creating real wealth - will be available shortly after you take the Index.

The sooner you receive your results, the sooner you'll be on your way to making better, wiser, and more effective financial decisions.

Take a look at the sample report below for an exact idea of what you'll get.

You Will Receive

  • Your Overall Summary & Overall Category Scores
  • Your individualized comparisons to the National Average Scores
  • Your sub-category scores and in-depth analysis
  • Your Personal Wealth Potential and how to achieve it
  • The exact steps you can take to start improving your finances
  • Exclusive analysis about what you believe, think, and want in regards to your finances


Sample Wealth Index Results Report
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Wealth Index Results Sample Pages